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In Education

Microsoft understands the real value of technology which lies in the skills it builds, the opportunities it creates, and the horizons it broadens. That’s why they are empowering the education community with a wide range of products, services and programmes that help transform learning and make it more accessible. Through our AEP partnership, technology TODAY is able to bring this services closer to you when and where you need them.

In Business

Whether supporting start-ups and SMEs, promoting apprenticeships though the Partner network or re-imagining business productivity in radical new ways, Microsoft together with technology TODAY is all about ensuring today’s workplace really does ‘work’ for everyone.

In Society

In ensuring all the products, processes and practices are safe, secure and always accessible, Microsoft and technology TODAY are proud to work with many leading charities, businesses and organisations committed to the same high ethical standards. These are just some of the ideals we champion in spirit and action.

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