Canon EOS Camera Shoulder Bag

Product Overview
Padded, both on the outside and inside for adequate protection for your gear
Easy to carry
Has moveable compartments
Has outside pockets for extra capacity
Raincoat cover is included



Canon Camera Shoulder Bags are designed to carry DSLRs and not so large camcorders. This particular model is easy to carry with ease to sling onto your shoulder. This bag has moveable compartments in the main bag compartment. It is a great accessory for your gear as it is padded, both on the outside and inside, thus, it provides adequate protection for your gear by preventing banging amongst your accessories as well as external force. It can hold two camera bodies (without their lenses) and has outside pockets for extra capacity. It also provides you with quick and simple access to your cameras and accessories. If you set the shoulder straps right, you can even access things while the bag is hanging from your shoulder.

Note: Any camera and/or lens in our pictures is/are NOT included!

In the Bag
1 x Canon branded Bag
1 x Shoulder Strap
1 x Raincoat cover


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