Privacy Policy 2020

Privacy Policy


At Tec-Today, your privacy is a top priority. We always keep your privacy in mind when we design and build the services and products you know and love, so that you can fully trust them and focus on building meaningful connections.
We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you provide us with your information and we do not take this lightly.
We do not compromise with your privacy. We design all of our products and services with your privacy in mind. We involve experts from various fields, including legal, security, engineering, product design and others to make sure that no decision is taken without respect for your privacy.
We strive to be transparent in the way we process your data. We have written our Privacy Policy and related documents in plain language, without overly complicated language and with sufficient information. We actually want you to read our policies and understand our privacy practices!
We work hard to keep your information secure. We have teams dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure. We constantly update our security practices and invest in our security efforts to enhance the safety of your information.

Welcome to Tec Today’s Privacy Policy. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
We appreciate that you trust us with your information and we intend to always keep that trust. This starts with making sure you understand the information we collect, why we collect it, how it is used and your choices regarding your information. This Policy describes our privacy practices in plain language, keeping legal and technical jargon to a minimum.
This Privacy Policy applies beginning 25 May 2018.

1. Who we are
The company that is responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy is:
Technology Today Ltd. .P,O,Box 66163-00800. Nairobi Kenya

2. Where this Privacy Policy applies
This Privacy Policy applies to websites, apps, events and other services operated by Tec Today. For simplicity, we refer to all of these as our ‘services’ in this Privacy Policy. To make it extra clear, we’ve added links to this Privacy Policy on all applicable services.
Some services may require their own unique privacy policy. If a particular service has its own privacy policy, then that policy – not this Privacy Policy – applies.