When you buy supplies or products from HP through us, prices are protected. This means that your negotiated prices will remain steady even if the HP List Price increases.


Joining the tec-TODAY toners & cartridges programme means that you’ll benefit from having a single point of contact for all your supply questions. This reduces complexity, saves time for managers, and helps you take control of costs.


If you buy Original HP Supplies you can dispose of empty cartridges with the HP Planet Partners Programme. It’s a totally free collect and recycle service that provides a convenient way to return used cartridges.

HP recycles all Original HP Supplies cartridges that are returned, and they are never sent to landfill.


Joining the Contractual Toner Cartridges Programme is easy and here’s how it works:

  • Great price for genuine HP consumables
  • Contracts are for 1 year, so you only need to commit to the programme for the duration and your business would benefit from it
  • We receive price protection, which means you will not be impacted by any increases to the HP List Price
  • You’ll get regular reviews on supplies and print usage, so you’ll be equipped with the information you need to maximise return on investment
  • The supply chain for all your printing requirements will be simplified, helping you to save time and reduce your overheads
  • You’re guaranteed quality and reliability with Original HP Supplies

Fill the form and our sales team will contact you to begin the process